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Brandon Carey and his team at Ascent Real Estate are the prime examples of what going above and beyond really means when buying and selling San Diego Real Estate.

A unique perspective in real estate

Brandon has been involved in the real estate industry since 2007, starting out working with New Home builders in the Silicon Valley. From there he moved to the San Diego market where his focus shifted to the REO/Foreclosure sector. Since then he has served (Equity/Short Sale/REO/Multi Unit) throughout all of San Diego county, from South County to North County; the coast to the mountains, and everywhere in between.

Extensive knowledge in investment and multi-residential properties

Aside from selling single family residential properties, Brandon also works in the Commercial-Residential market as well. He helps with analyzing  investment properties for many of his clients who are looking to either flip, or buy and hold. This experience in investment properties adds another layer to Brandon's real estate perspective allowing his clients to easily make informed decisions in both single family and multi-unit/commercial-residential investments.

Excellent customer service

Combining his real estate expertise and knowledge with an ambitious attitude and easy-going personality, Brandon's clients are with him for the long haul. His service goes beyond closing a deal and moving onto the next property. He keeps in touch with all of his clients to make sure they're aware of how their real estate investment is doing. He is their "realtor for life" and that's why they come back to him time and time again for all of their real estate needs.

Brandon prides himself on exceeding his customer's expectations, providing excellent customer service, and going out of his way to make sure each and every one of his clients knows how important they really are.


Brandon is dedicated, passionate, and driven, and his desire to help his clients find their dream home, or sell their home for Top Dollar, is exactly the reason why people continue to have Brandon represent them in all of their real estate needs.


For more information, contact Brandon Carey at (619) 261-4929.

“If you want a top notch realtor who pays attention to detail, then I recommend Brandon Carey, He handled our sale, and it was seamless. He went out of his way to ensure all our bases were covered, He definitely puts his client's needs first..”
-Lisa M, Seller
“Brandon's knowledge of the real estate market and process was very impressive. He worked closely with both my wife and I in buying our new home and selling our old home over a two month period. He was flexible in working around our busy schedules to view potential homes. Each time he was well prepared and asked ahead about the properties we were viewing to better provide us with answers to our numerous inquiries. Also, he constantly kept us up to date on both transactions as we worked through the inspections, requests for repairs, and through the entire escrow process. He even met our contractor for an inspection we had because we were out of town. Overall, we felt the most important characteristic was how responsive Brandon was to our questions even late at night and on the weekends. He was always available by phone, text, or email. We fully recommend Brandon!.” 
-Derick and Fran C, Seller and Buyer
“Brandon contacted me through a search service and immediately provided listed in the specific area I was interested in. After some visits and even an offer it became apparent the area was no longer in my price range for a rental. We work through searches in other areas and located a good opportunity for a rental property. Helped to take me through the entire process. Highly recommend his knowledge and expertise and was always responsive to requests.”
-Mark H, Buyer/Investor
“I was a first time home buyer in the Point Loma / Ocean Beach area. From my initial contact with him, he was very informative with timelines, what to expect, what I should be doing, etc. at any given time. That certainly put my nerves at ease. For all of our appointments (walk-throughs, inspections, etc.) Brandom always provided me a reminder and was always on time. He seemed very familiar with the complex I purchased in, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods.
Both me and the seller had everything well in order, so there were very few issues during the seller, so I can't comment on how he would handle adversity or anything, as this was a fairly easy transaction for all parties. However, he made sure to be in frequent contact with the various parties (seller's' agent, my lender, escrow, etc.) and was always anticipating events and relieved me of some of the stress.
Even after escrow closed, he was in regular contact with me, asking if I had any issues, how things were going, if I had any feedback for him, etc. He seemed to genuinely care about the transaction and my home-buying experience. I would gladly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home in the Point Loma area. Everything was professional and stress-free.”
-Andy H., 1st Time Homebuyer
“Exceptional professional in every way. Dependable, knowledgable, hard working, and honest. He helped me in so many ways with the home buying experience. Brandon Carey has my highest recommendation.”
-Dr. Steve S, Buyer
“I had a fantastic experience with Brandon Carey....he is an amazing realtor! I have referred him to several people and he continues to impress. He knows what he's doing and is always looking out for his client's best interests. Brandon is patience, a hard worker and you will often find him working days/nights/ and on the weekend. I purchased a home through Brandon. He was always available to show me homes. I found a very nice older home in the Mission Valley area. We submitted an offer. Once it was accepted several underlying problems surfaced which could have broken the deal. Brandon maintain his composure and always took a professional approached with resolving the issues. It's obvious he has been doing this for many years and has the experience & knowledge you would want for a major purchase or sell.... such as purchasing and/or selling a home! The past five yrs the real estate market has proven to be extremely tough. The market turns over quickly. If you do not have an estate agent who is a shaker and a mover.....one to make things happen you will not find your dream home. I was very lucky”
-Pat S, Buyer
“Brandon help me sell my home and find a new one that is just perfect. From the first time we met, more than six months ago, up to last week when we closed, I have been extremely impressed by the qualities Brandon showcased while dealing with people such as sellers, other agents, contractors, myself..... During the ups and down of the searchs, visits, negotiations, as well as dealing with a very unusual and uncooperative seller, Brandon was an example of professionalism. His calmess and responsiveness made all the difference and I thank him for that.”
-Roberto F, Seller and Buyer
“No nonsense, Brandon's representation is very responsive to concerns and questions. Brandon was a exceptional advocate with the buyer and the buyer's agent. The sellers were skittish, and he presented my interests and offers in a rational and understandable way, calming their concerns.

He trusts the buyer to do his/her part, as well; and this cuts out lots of time delays that other realtors may burn through with unnecessary meetings in person to read and sign documents that one can easily read and review efficiently on one's own time; then get back to him with questions for clarification. He facilitated a cash closing in 10 days, that was scheduled for 15; by being willing to get our portion of the contract done well in advance of when the title company thought it would be needed. His willingness to meet on short notice, when needed, and facilitate and recommend for termite inspection, really helped speed things along, due to his pre-existing professional relationships.

I was very pleased and appreciated his professionalism. He kept a cool head and did what it took to make it happen on a complicated sale; where we'd been the first offer on a grossly overpriced listing, then it went down in price and went into escrow immediately, with someone else. Next that deal fell out, but Brandon was able to help us jump in and make a cash offer promptly, again; due to his dilligence keeping in touch on the property's status. That won us the chance to buy it, the second time around, even against stiff competition, for a reasonable price; only due to the good timing and the relationship of trust he'd established from ongoing communication to the seller's agent. His straightforward approach was right for us, and the right approach with the seller's agent, to inspire confidence, as well. It turned out well for everyone; but I think we would have lost the sale due to the sellers' skittish worries, had it not been for him.”

-Sara L, Buyer

“Brandon has great patience and knowledge of the buying and selling process in all
Aspects of negotiations. I am thoroughly pleased.

-Harry C.

“Awesome guy, great realtor! I've worked with 5 other agents in the SD area, and I found my last one as long as he's in the business. Super quick, and proficient. We were able to beat investors/hedge funds (cash offers) to the market because of him, which landed me a great deal on a short sale at the beach!

-Evan S.

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