Which Neighborhood is Right for Me?


When buying a new home, don’t forget that you’re also buying the neighborhood.. 

The key to finding the right neighborhood for you is to consider your lifestyle and needs.

So, how do you choose the right neighborhood?
1) What are the best and worst qualities of the neighborhood and the surrounding areas? Do the area’s values increase a lot over time? Are you close enough to schools, shopping, or work? Do you feel comfortable walking around the neighborhood at night? Can you envision yourself living there in the long term future?
2) What kind of vibe are you looking for? Do you want to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle? Do you want peace and quiet so you rarely hear a car drive by? Are you looking for dog parks? Nightlife? All of these play a major factor into what kind of area you’re planning to buy in. 
3) What is your proximity to work? Play? School? Friends and family? Life? This is a huge factor that many people must consider because your home’s distance to all of your activities is a big indicator for quality of life.

4) Are you looking for easibility and low maintenance? Or are you a handy individual that prefers to do your own yard work and projects around the property? This is a big decision on whether HOA condominium style living is right for you, or if you prefer single family detached housing where you are the one in charge of everything within your property’s boundaries. Do you want to take care of putting a new roof on, landscaping, and other costly items, or would you rather an HOA handles those projects?
5) Transportation accessibility is crucial. With the way the paradigm shifts towards public transit and low emissions vehicles, public transit when commuting is a main indicator in major cities. Trolleys, city buses, commuter trains, etc are all important factors that play a part in picking your new neighborhood location.
6) In Laws. As the baby boomers generation continues to age, more people are living with other family members, young and old. This is something to consider when you’re looking at multi-unit, multi family housing. Certain areas in cities are zoned accordingly to help fit more homes and people in smaller sized areas, therefore increasing the population density. This results in more people, more cars, and more noise, so if you’re looking for something quiet with a bit more space, this is not the realm you’re interested in.If you have a large extended family who you will be living with, this may be something right up your alley.

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