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handshake-business-family-southeast-asiaBuying or selling a home throughout San Diego County can be difficult if you aren’t using a professional and experienced realtor. To help avoid the many pitfalls that come with buying or selling, it’s best to use a knowledgeable agent that can protect you from costly mishaps and mistakes.


Why should you hire Brandon Carey?

His background. Brandon works tirelessly to ensure his clients minimize any problems or concerns that they may encounter throughout the entire real estate buying or selling process. Whether you’re a first-time buyer/seller or an experienced investor, Brandon is able to exceed any and all expectations that there are. A business degree from Cal Pol, SLO, extensive foreclosure and multi-unit residential experience, and a corporate sales background has given Brandon a unique perspective in Real Estate and allows him to give great insight to keep all of his clients highly informed and educated..


His dedication. Brandon is extremely dedicated to his craft, consistently studying the marketplace to understand current real estate trends. San Diego is an ever-evolving landscape, with multi mullion dollar properties in coastal communities to large lots of land inland, so it’s imperative to have a Realtor who is experienced and understands all property types and neighborhoods. This knowledge will help you determine exactly what is the best area and home for you to buy in, or what is the most comprehensive listing price for your property.


His Network. Brandon has an extensive network of honest and reliable inspectors, contractors, appraisers, and every type of professional you need in order to make an informed purchase or sale. Whether you’re a seller looking to increase your property value or a buyer that needs estimates for a repair request, Brandon’s contacts will deliver on time with your best intentions in mind.


Outstanding negotiation skills. The last thing any buyer or seller really wants to do is lose money. Brandon is purely focused on making sure his clients are well represented come negotiation time, and will strive to get his clients the best deal possible.


Get in touch with Brandon at 619-261-4929 to learn more about buying or selling in the San Diego area.


Learn about the most sought-after and beloved neighborhoods in San Diego, and what they have in store for you in terms of quality of life and housing options. Call Brandon today!

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